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About Us

When you think of a diamond, you think about its quality, value, strength, color, and most importantly its beauty! Here at Eve’s Diamond Luxury Hair Imports, we use those same guidelines when choosing our hair. Having over 16 years in the hair business we’ve researched hair brands, hair types, and their origins and are fully aware of the inconsistencies in what was being offered. At Eve’s Diamond Luxury Hair Imports, every day should be a good hair day! Feel free to try a new style. Indulge in luxury, try a new length or color. Allow yourself the luxury of putting on a new persona every once in a while. Enjoy the power a fabulous hairstyle will give you without lacking in quality.

The BEST kind of beautiful is someone who radiates strength and exudes confidence, and Eve’s Diamond Luxury Hair will help you do just that!

We guarantee our product 100% and can’t wait for you to fall in love with it!